#11 This is my second time watching Forks Over Knives….

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I first watched Forks Over Knives when I became interested in a plant-based diet and later re-watched it when I embraced the lifestyle.  If you’re thinking about converting anyone over to a plant-based diet, you must start with this film.  It doesn’t entail all the controversy that comes along with going vegan.  It shifts the health effects on humans instead of pushing humane animal issues, which personalizes cancer and heart disease’s connection to animal foods.

The film includes my “virtual” mentors, Dr. T. Colin Campbell (The China Study) and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease).  Both physicians are referenced in other food and health documentaries such as Eating by Mike Anderson.     

Forks Over Knives is also the first film I’ve experienced to showcase food as medicine instead of using food as a supplement to medicine. It should be the first movie to watch for anyone interested in changing their health.  It’s easy to digest.  It breaks down the protein myth, the calcium myth, the gene myth; and the truth about cancer and heart disease.  

I’ve completed 22% of my 50 documentaries/dvds/films challenge. 

I think Forks Over Knives and Eating by Mike Anderson are cousins, and complement each other so well!

Watch them both and be changed!

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