#26 Living On Live Food by Alissa Cohen

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I recently watched Alissa Cohen’s dvd, Living On Live Food. It applies various raw recipes in a pleasant conversational style that ranges from simple to gourmet meals

I’ve grown accustomed to most cooking dvds; most have a companion book. As a person transitioning to raw food, I’ve experienced all patterns of raw food dvds, which include: smoothies, squash pastas, raw food appliances, and different variations on tuna loaf,  sushi,  pasta dishes, and wraps. I’ve seen my share of dates and nut-heavy desserts; or raw variations of popular cooked dishes.

I respect Cohen’s challenge to go 100% raw to avoid addictive qualities from your old meals.  As someone transitioning, I expect many raw foodist to push less drastic measures.  I’m having a hard time giving up chocolate and cookies, which are very addictive.

The raw banana crepes with nut cream filling and strawberry pureed topping were my favorites. Yum!  I also want to try the enchilada meal!  Most raw dvds focus on gourmet heavy meals to attract cooked dish lovers, but simplicity is emphasized in Living on Live Food!

CAUTION: This is a conversational style dvd, a question-and-answer cooking session between Cohen and her two guests!  I am familiar with many raw recipes, so I enjoyed the knowledge I gained.  If you’re looking for an instructional video, get ready to rewind repeatedly! This isn’t one.

So, why do I continue to watch cooking dvd’s? 

  1. Repetition is good. Watching is so much better than reading. I’ll have a visual for application.
  2. The information and wisdom from each individual chef is priceless.
  3. I like variety. All cooks aren’t equal, and it expands your creativity with meals.
  4. I watch cooking dvds for the same reason YOU continue to watch The Food Channel or Cooking Channel. 

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