#35 Food Matters

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

Food Matters is my winter nutrition and food documentary refresher!

The advantage of watching Food Matters at this time of year is it gives you early motivations for new year nutrition goals.  I chose not to do a summary interview because many of the “same ol’” characters and subjects from my other documentaries are here. But, I was thoroughly impressed that it held its own.

I’m back to doing what I love!  I have 15 more documentaries to go, a few certifications and a book in the works!

It has been a long winding journey, but I’m in it for the rewards and long run.

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#34 Hungry for Change

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I’m back!  My 50 Docs Challenge on food and nutrition is still on!  I started with Hungry For Change documentary.

 Points I Took Away From Hungry For Change

  • Obesity is not the same as gluttony; food addictions and excitoxins  play a major role in obesity. Excitotoxins such as aspartame and MSG can mask satiation and cause carbohydrate addiction.
  • Companies engineer addiction into food through ingredients.
  • Phosphoric acid from soft drinks causes bone and mineral degeneration.  
  • Don’t focus on dieting.  Start adding better ingredients to your meals.  Add the “good” until it floods out the “bad.”
  • Give yourself permission to embrace sleep and rest to avoid high stress hormone levels.

Full Show: The Faces of America’s Hungry | Moyers & Company | BillMoyers.com

Very good interview!  

This is on my documentary challenge!

Preview: The Faces of America’s Hungry (by MoyersandCompany)

  • This will definitely go on my #50DocsChallenge on food and nutrition.
Should this be the next documentary of my 50 Docs Challenge?
Three Choices
Hungry For Change
Food Matters
You pick?

More on my 50 Docs Challenge.


Should this be the next documentary of my 50 Docs Challenge?

Three Choices

  • Hungry For Change
  • Food Matters
  • Ingredients

You pick?

More on my 50 Docs Challenge.

#33 A World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17

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I have 17 more documentaries and films to go before my 50 Docs Challenge is up!

A World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 is another documentary about the suppression of alternative cancer treatments.   I’m very careful with the use of “alternative”  especially if a treatment is proven effective but has not been inducted into the conventional medical system.

What is B-17 (amygdalin)? 

I learned that  ”fruit seed cyanide” fear is mostly propoganda, but somewhat justified. First, moderation is important. You are instructed to eat no more seeds than the fruit itself.

Points I learned

  • Cyanide in fruit seeds such as bitter almonds or apricots are unlocked by beto-glucosidase, which is found in cancer cells, and not normal cells.  
  • In addition, normal cells have a rhodanese enzyme, which detoxifies cyanide
  • Think less of “cyanide,” but more of a molecule with cyanide and benzaldahyde (both poisonous)  that is locked with sugar bonds. 
  • Your healthy cells aren’t unlocking cyanide or benzaldahyde from B17 (laetrile) from fruit seeds (apricot, bitter almonds).  It’s your cancer cell that’s unlocking this bond, where the cyanide and benzaldahyde kills the cancer.

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#32 Soul Food Junkies

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Soul Food Junkies is a well-rounded documentary that revolves around the historical, cultural, and somewhat sociopolitical aspects of African-American southern cuisine.   

"Is soul food really healthy?"

It all depends on how meals are prepared, and possibly what era you were born in.
The growth in processed foods, fast food restaurants, and lack of fresh food markets in the communities of “soul food” eaters deserve just as much responsibility for  obesity growth and health crises as the soul food cuisine itself.

Byron Hurt filmed this documentary as a healing discussion after experiencing his father’s health decline from obesity and death from pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is disproportionately higher in African-Americans.

Although problems are highlighted in this film, Soul Food Junkies ends hopeful in the vein of the documentary Fresh.  You’ll see features on urban food markets, backyard gardens, and environmental education in schools, which all affect diet choices.

Ultimately, soul food eaters are urged to look to the elders, who were “green and sustainable” for survival reasons; who labored physically out of necessity; who prepared and ate fresh foods out of accessibility.  It appears that survival and accessibility are essential with food preparation.

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# 31 Raw for Life: The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of The Raw Food Lifestyle

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Prepare to block out time  to complete this DVD collection of live foods vignettes.  The Ultimate Encyclopedia of The Raw Food Lifestyle meets the raw food trifecta: promotional, educational, and inspirational. The diabetes section alone is more valuable than many medical features I’ve seen.  Other highlights were Victoria Boutenko’s feature in the Nutrition section on greens as the “missing jewel micronutrient” in raw eating. Another highlight is the Optimal Performance section where immunity strength and recovery are featured as the secret to elite athletic performance.  I’m familiar with many raw recipes and preparations, which can be a highlight for a novice.

This DVD is a well-rounded introduction to raw foods with testimonies, recipes, medical studies, and more.  You’ll see firsthand how raw foodists can be much more persuasive in zeal for plant-based foods than regular vegans.  With features ranging from medical doctors, triathletes, actors, motivational speakers, chefs, and spiritual coaches, the general consensus for starting out raw is to:

  • Keep it simple
  • Let it happen organically
  • Start eliminating foods on your own terms
  • Began replacing them immediately.

Salads, green juices, blended meals, and fruits can be your short term replacements. 

If you’re looking to venture into raw foods, The Ultimate Encyclopedia along with documentaries like Forks Over Knives are great motivators!

Segment Preview


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I reached 30 of my 50 Docs Challenge

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Wow! I reached a new milestone by watching 30 of my 50 documentaries, films or videos on plant-based diets, nutrition and health. Actually, I’ve watch more including a few “side videos" on my list.  

21 to 30 List

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#30.5 Side Docs

#30 PlanEat

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Repetition is good for learning!  After watching thirty nutrition and plant-based documentaries, I’ve seen it all and heard it all.  So, I have to judge PlanEat as if I had virgin eyes.  PlanEat differentiates itself by showcasing restaurant chefs and cooks in its discussion.    It meets all requirements of a solid plant-based documentary:

  • Faults in industrial farming
  • Disease prevention benefits of plant-based
  • Environmental effects from the meat and dairy industries
  • Plant-based recipe substitutions
  • Definition of local and organic farming and foods
It’s a great documentary to watch if you are committed to learning more about nutrition and options of plant-based foods.  

Of course, you can’t have a “pop doc” without an industry guru. Members of the “Fab Five” of the medical plant-based worlds are featured: 

Fab Five Superstar Plant-Based Doctors in Documentaries

  1. T. Colin Campbell
  2. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
  3. Joel Furman
  4. Dr. Neal D. Bernard
  5. John A. McDougall
  6. (I left out Dean Ornish and a few others, and Dr. Oz doesn’t count!)

50 Documentaries/DVDs/Films challenge

#29 Vegucated

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Q: Did you watch Vegucated?

A: Yes. I liked it.  This movie is a pro-vegan bootcamp.  Three people from different backgrounds  experience a plant-based diet.  Very original! Ha ha!  But, I actually like it!

Q:  What was the best part of the movie? 

I felt more connected to the character, Tesla.  She lived in a blended family with a diet that counters a plant-based lifestyle.  Personal choices can be compromised when your income is divided in a blended family.  But, she held on.

Q: Did this change your mind about veganism?

A: It confirmed that veganism is quite separate from traditional plant-based diets. Holistic and political changes are incorporated into your life, such as clothing choices and personal care products.

Q. Would you recommend this documentary to a friend?

A: Absolutely! It’s not too heavy.  It’s a diet challenge, but gives a capsule of information that  I’ve seen in heavier movies like Eating, Chemerical, Earthlings, and Simply Raw.  It’s digestible for a person with little interest or understanding of a vegan lifestyle.

More On the: 

#28 Locavore: Local Diet Healthy Planet

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" A farmer and produce manager has more to do with your health as your doctor."

Locavore: Local Diet, Healthy Planet is a beautiful documentary that doesn’t require the presence of “superstar medical professionals” to give it credibility.

Instantly, I began to question where my food came from by witnessing a sustainable community and farmers that made it work. 

I also love a challenge!  My quest to eat more local moves beyond browsing grocery produce sections or updating Cotsco subscriptions.  It involves speaking to your produce manager about local seasonal foods and shopping at a farmers market or purchasing directly from the farmer. 

I pay attention to advertising of “sweet Texas oranges or blackberries” now.  I’m more prone to seek out various farmer’s markets, coops, and CSA’s in my surrounding area.

Sounds challenging?  Yes.  But, it’s easier than expected.   If you start slowly.

But WHY is it truly important to seek out local foods?

  • With less mileage of transportation, you will receive riper fruit that has more preserved nutrients.  In my quest to eat a plant-based diet, both nutrient density and ripeness, matter!
  • Eating local shapes and improves the local economy with direct relationships with farmers and vendors, easier quality control, and possible transparency. These are advantages that a local economy over big agribusiness that lacks proper oversight. 
  • By recycling money throughout your community, it leads to a more sustainable and economically stable community.

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#27 The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012 Documentary

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As a person transitioning to raw foods, The Woodstock Fruit Festival documentary was inspirational, educational, and aspirational for me. Even the tone of it lacked the fanatical judgment of many vegans I’ve encountered.  

Some of my favorite raw foodist gurus and rock stars (physicians and youtubers included) are featured.  I mentioned before that raw foodists have done a much better job with stressing the health benefits of a plant-based diet than traditional vegans and vegetarians.

Organized by fruitarian Michael Arnstein, this raw food festival heavily showcased the 80 10 10 diet of the raw food world!   Athleticism, fitness, and strength training were justly highlighted in this documentary, to dispel the "weak plant eater" myth. If anyone can dispel the "protein myth" in the next decade, raw foodists can! 

There are also features of various events, health reversals, obesity journeys, and raw vegan children. This documentary can easily pique any omnivore’s interest in a living, plant-based lifestyle.  Job well done!

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The Woodstock Fruit Festival

More on my 50 Docs Challenge.